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No. International Peer-reviwed Journals
1 Qing-Gang Gao, Vonevilay Sombutmounvong, Lihua Xioang, Joo-Heon Lee , Jong-Suk Kim (2019), "Analysis of Drought-Sensitive Areas and Evolution patterns through Statistical Simulations of the Indian ocean Dipole Mode" Water, Volume 11, Issue 6, 1302, doi:10.3390/w11061302, LINK , PDF
2 Chanyang Sur, Dongkyun Kim, Joo-Heon Lee , Muhannad Mazhar Iqbal, Minha Choi (2019) "Hydrological Drought Assessment of Energy-Based Water Deficit index(EWDI) at Different Geographical Regions" Advances in Meteorology, doi:10.1155/2019/8512727, LINK , PDF
3 Jong-Suk Kim, Shaleen Jain, Joo-Heon Lee , Hua Chen, Seo-Yeon Park(2019) "Quantitative vulnerability assessment of water quality to extreme drought in a changing climate" Ecological Indicators Vol.103 pp 688-697, LINK , PDF
4 Ho-young Kang, Jong-Suk Kim, Lihua Xiong, Joo-Heon Lee (2019). "Changes in environmental flow regimes caused by tropical cyclones in the Western North Pacific" IOP Conference Series : Earth and Environmental Science, 227, 062044, doi:10.1088/1755-1315/227/6/062044  LINK , PDF
5 Qinggang Gao, Jong-Suk Kim, Jie Chen, Hua Chen, Joo-Heon Lee (2019). " Atmospheric Teleconnection-Based Extreme Drought Prediction in the Core Drought Region in China" Water, Vol. 11, Issue 2, pp. 232  LINK , PDF
6 Jong-Suk Kim, Shaleen Jain, Ho-Yeong Kang, Young-Il Moon, Joo-Heon Lee (2019) “Inflow into Korea’s Soyang Dam: Hydrologic variability and links to typhoon impacts” Journal of Hydro-environment Research, Vol. 22, page 50-56  LINK , PDF
7 Si Chen, Waseem Muhammad, Joo-Heon Lee, Tae-Woong Kim (2018) "Assessment of Probabilistic Multi-Index Drought Using a Dynamic Naive Bayesian Classifier" Water Resources Management, Vol. 32, No 13, pp 4359-4374  LINK , PDF
8 Seo-Yeon Park, Chan-Yang Sur, Jong-Suk Kim, Joo-Heon Lee (2018) "Evaluation of multi-sensor satellite data for monitoring different drought impacts "Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment,Volume 32, No 9, pp 2551-2563  LINK , PDF
9 Joo-Heon Lee, Seo-Yeon Park, Jong-Suk Kim, Chan-Yang Sur, Jie Chen (2018) "Extreme drought hotspot analysis for adaptation to a changing climate: Assessment of applicability to the five major river basins of the Korean Peninsula" International Journal of Climatology, Volume38, pp 4025-4032  LINK , PDF
10 Ji Yae Shin, Si Chen, Joo-Heon Lee and Tae-Woong Kim (2018) "Investigation of drought propagation in South Korea using drought index and conditional probability " Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Journal, Vol. 29, No. 2, P. 231-241  LINK , PDF
11 Jong-Suk Kim, Chan-Young Son, Young Il Moon and Joo-Heon Lee (2017) "Seasonal rainfall variability in Korea within the context of different evolution patterns of the central Pacific El Nino " Journal of Water and Climate Change , DOI: 10.2166/wcc.2016.020 , Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 412-422  LINK , PDF
12 Jong-Suk Kim, Gil-Su Seo, Ho-Won Jang, and Joo-Heon Lee (2017) "Correlation Analysis between Korean Spring Drought and Large-scale Teleconnection Patterns for Drought Forecasting " KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering , DOI 10.1007/s12205-016-0580-8, Vol.21, No.1, pp. 458-466  LINK , PDF

13 Ilpyo Hong,Joo-Heon Lee and Hyo-Seob Cho(2016) "National drought management framework for drought preparedness in Korea (lessons from the 2014-2015 drought) " Water Policy Vol. 18, pp. 89-106 LINK , PDF
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16 Jiyoung Yoo, Hyun-Han Kwon,Joo Heon Lee, and Tae-Woong Kim (2015) "Influence of Evapotranspiration on Future Drought Risk Using Bivariate Drought Frequency Curves "kSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, DOI 10.1007/s12205-015-0078-9, Vol.20, No.5, pp. 2059-2069  LINK , PDF

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Kim, Chang Joo; Park, Min Jae; Lee, Joo Heon (2014) "Analysis of climate change impacts on the spatial and frequency patterns of drought using a potential drought hazard mapping approach" International Journal of Climatology, Vol 34, pp. 61-80, Corresponding Author  LINK , PDF


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